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I enjoy saying yes, no, hello, goodbye, thank you, and you’re welcome in various languages. It’s always changing, and I recently learned the Japanese for yes and no, so I was talking to a friend the other day and I said “hai” and she just said “hello.”

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Your mental illness does not define you. So, don’t let anyone tell you it does.



Back in my day the teachers didn’t have nice laptops, they pulled this shit out and sat it on some unfortunate kids desk 



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What if Gordon Ramsay voiced a GPS

"Great job, you missed the exit you fucking disgrace."

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I know this is long, but I needed to share it.

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Me every five minutes while watching Hannibal, “Poor Will.”

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a majestic stealthy cold blooded killer

I don’t know how to tiger. 

a majestic stealthy cold blooded killer

I don’t know how to tiger. 

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